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So we've all seen those images of the Burger King with Brooke Burke Crispin Porter + Bogusky thrust upon us a while ago. Now, there's videos. There's a video of the King and Burke riding up the seashore Planet... [Read More]

» Burger King Viral Ads Spotted on Google Video from Micro Persuasion
Ben Popken has found these viral Burger King ads featruing Brook Burke on Google Video. I had heard about the TV campaign at the WOMMA conference. It's generating a lot of good word of mouth. So here's my “think” question. [Read More]

» New BK Vid - at Lakers Game from TheSpunker - by Ben Popken. Published by Gattaca, Inc.
The Burger King and Brooke Burke showed up at a Lakers game together. Thankfully, the same person who uploaded the beach and ponie movies uploaded the footage to Google video. Watch if you like. Nothing happens. [Read More]

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I can’t remember the last time I had Burger King… or any fast food for that matter. I am quite immune to any of the fast food brands. In fact, I believe they have a tough job of marketing themselves... [Read More]

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Have you ever heard of the food loop heat resistant trussing tool?

They have hilarious viral video commericals online. Check them out here:



Bk addict

yes go burger king im so proud of him first the whoper now hes boning brooke burke yessss lol


CPB wins. GG - thanks for playing.

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