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I'm a lady type ad person :)
don't write much about ads though.
Oh well.

American Copywriter

Check out a clever, clever blog by one cool female-type human...



Oh and i run my own blog on ads too (and other things) here: http://caffeinegoddess.blogspot.com


Glad to see sisters in attendance. As the bit on French reflects, the world can always use more of us, we're way behind still, etc. But I'd also like to know what the ratio of female-male bloggers is across all industry-focused blogs.

flesh daily

I'm sure Neal French would have a reason, maybe Neal French is the reason.


Dabitch at ad-rag is also female...

We are out there.... :)


Hi, I'm Martina, I'm a woman, and I run Adverblog.com...

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