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Ben Popken

The post says the publications were being "folded into" Adotas, not that AdBumb is "folding."


"Folding" does not quite due justice to the evolving interactive publications built by Pace Media. In October '03, Ben, there was an average of one ad sponsor per weekly issue. In the past year and a half, Pace Media ezines have grown to four issue per week and over a dozen top notch advertisers. Yes, the editorial staff is amazing and is growing along with a base of opt-in readers who are hungry for news and comment. Adotas is the natural evolution of the space we all love: the digital advertising and marketing industry. I just heard from another Pace MG advertiser who said, as so many already espouse: "The phones ring off the hook when I advertise with you. Can we slow the stream of calls down?" Ben, I'm sure you only meant to be funny and , yes, you made me LOL, so thank you for the belly laughs. Go in peace and prosper. btw-If you're an affiliate and do not attend Affiliate Summit you must have rocks in your head (imho).8P

Ben Popken

Thanks for the corrections. Duly noted.

Missy Ward

Dear Ben,

I'm quite certain that you do not wish to to post any misinformation. Therefore, with all due respect, I humbly submit the two following corrections to your posting above:

1) Shawn Collins does not work for CPAEmpire. He is the President/CEO of Shawn Collins Consulting (www.ShawnCollinsConsulting.com)
2) Shawn Collins and I are happily married to other people, but we're ecstatic that you like the banner so much that felt the need to mention it here.

Thank you for making these two corrections.

Best regards,
Missy Ward

Shawn Collins

> Gotta love the pervasive pictures of Missy Ward and Shawn Collins of CPAempire

I am "of" Shawn Collins Consulting, and have never worked for CPAempire.

Affiliate Summit, Inc. is a company owned by Missy and myself and we run the conferences together.

I guess it's foot in cheek when you make broadsides and your info is wrong?

David Burn

This is the same guy who was blown away that I'd never heard of him, nor his media properties (who then sent me a ton of unwanted email asking me to report on his doings). I mean what was wrong with me? Any fool can see the power in his tagline, "The top source for new media and online advertising news."

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