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Ben Popken

Thanks for the links. I did not intend to slander honest vandals, only to mock detractors who would narrowly define the propriety of graffiti, graffiti being an act of, by definition, impropriety.

humorless haimen

p.s. - - purple monkey dinosaur! that thing i just said was waaay too self serious. anyhow you get the idea. those other sites support their cause much better than i try to. visit! read! enjoy! contradict! its all good.

humorless haimen

"legitimate street art only contains high-contrast pictures of George Bush coupled with shocking non-sequitors." funny, yes.

you condone the use of fake graffitti for advertising purposes. this is not unreasonable.

but you also seem to slander the honest vandalism oriented individuals.

in hopes to offer more context for this blog entry, here are some supplimentary links.


wooster collective is having a ball with the PSP ad.

anarcho wheatpasters, a friendly bunch these guys! seriously they are nice!

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