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Ben Popken

Thanks, dudes. Really appreciate it. I'll keep my chin up and nose to the grindstone. Which is a difficult feat to manage but nothing good ever came easy.


Can't tell you how many times I was told my book ate dog shit (a special shout out to Mr. Butler at Chiat Day). Of course, I never went to ad school, and did my concepting during breaks while tarring roofs. Take advantage of the comments and make your stuff better. You absolutely will need an art director to throw ideas off of, and to polish the look of your work. Don't give up, and also don't narrow your search to a single city. I ended up going to DDB's office in Honolulu to work under a great CD and mentor. Believe me, if you do great stuff, people all over will notice.


keep your head up. nothing's more subjective than what's "creative" in this bullshit industry. (god that tasted awful. I have to go drink some bile to get this taste out of my mouth.)

Ben Popken

Now that I've gone through this introductory round, I can barely stand my ads and want to make new ones. But I don't think I can stand another 6 months or so. So I will try to get the bitches dressed up and see if anyone will dance.

David Burn

Yeah, that's a big by the way that almost every aspiring copywriter has to stumble over, sometimes several times before it sinks in. Because it's not about "writing," it's about "making ads" and you do that with a partner.

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