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Ben Popken

Saf, thanks! And don't worry, your English is just fine.


I'm reading your blog, it's really interesting and personal one. Congratulations.

...and I must say you that, just now, I'm trying to stop my tears falling with such a sensitive and emothionals videos.
Thank you very much. It's another way to show that suffering and valerous people.


(I beg your pardon, I speak a very bad english...)


Thanks Andre. I didn't think those original translations sounded quite right.


The 1st one says:
It´s necessary to believe in the cure of cancer.
We believe.

The 2ns one:
Everybody needs some help to deal with cancer.
We too.

The original translations didnt catch the REAL meaning of these sentences...

Hope I´ve helped...


Ok. The first one was good but the second ad had tears in my eyes. Great emotional appeal.


Spunker thanks
I just added an english translation.
And Llámame Lola added another touching video from spain about cancer.
Check Houtlust


The first video says:
It is necessary to believe in healing of cancer.
The second one:
Everybody needs a friend to face cancer. We too.

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