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Yeah, I know, but c'mon, I think they kept him around as an excuse to use the monkees again. Why not find another guy to replace him and adapt the storyline accordingly? It'd still work.

Ben Popken

With Careerbuilder, obviously it's because he hasn't used their services yet.


How's my spelling. Typepad, add in an edit feature PLEASE.


Only problem with careerbuilder is, if they're so effective, why is he still at the same job?


Bud Light was the only consistent ones I thought. The rest blended in.

Ok, the BK spot was trying to be a big production-type set piece with an odd twist. But, It jsut didn't have the same oddity established with the King's first spots. There, it was the king being silent. That's creepy. Here, he's like some Broadway show circus freak.

I think it needed more of a twist to it.

I don't care what USA Today says. Losers IMO: FedEx, Diet Pepsi, that STUPID anti-bacterial spot, Toyota Hispanic spot, (the last line by the kid was either an insult or a stupid thing to say for a brand, not sure which).

Bud Light
Carerrbuilder (barely)

The rest didn't help nor hurt themselves.

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