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Bucky da ANIMAL

Laugh Coltrane. That explanation was almost as long as the e-vite. Time for some editing classes.

Again nothing personal against you I just don't like:

-long winded e-vites
-have to worry about dressing "fly" or whatever.

I just can't submit to such shallowness as to how clean my sneakers are.

Other then that, it's all good. Shout out to

Ben Popken

Thanks for the response, Coltrane. That is the kind of retort I like to see. Kudos for carving out what you think is good, at your personal expense, in reaction to a city that's not providing the nightlife you want.

W3_invite.jpg is what you titled your invite attachment. Liquor companies should swallow shards of one of their over designed bottles. I've thrown plenty of parties (some of which played a hiphop song or two) and made plenty of evites and yours my friend, is a crappy invite.

I do, however, get out sometimes and leave my laptop. After all, sometimes you have to pee and get more cheetos.


So this is COLTRANE.. The creator of the e-vite, the MTV Fashion VJ, the former VP @ Ecko for 9 years, the fliest guy you know, the soho-resident and the owner of Epiphany (Agency of records for Sapporo, Sapphire, Zero Cases, etc). Its me, and thanks for giving my personal info to the world...! Love ya for that.....

So about GET FRESH FRIDAY'S. I started this 3 weeks ago at PINK. I started this cause everything is wak, PERIOD. I produce over 150 special events a year for my clients, and I do this ONE for Fun.. Yes FUN.. I lose about 12000 per week, do you hear me? A $1200 brick a week.....! For the sake of good music, good looking people and no hassle at the door, welcome to my world. I do shit for the fun of it, despite my financial advisor saying your BUGGIN TRANE...! I do this so I can have somewhere to go. As a smart, progressive, well-dressed, well-connected, well-liked dude; I have no-where to enjoy myself when I hit the town. Me or my fine ass girlfriend, Lisa, Have nowhere to go...! Clubs play our music (Black Music, I said it...), and won't let us in.. That is it.

So, GET FRESH FRIDAYS was born, a place where people of the culture (Black or white??) can come enjoy the fruits of their culture. FUCK PM, and other coon-like establishments that have no respect for the culture that they promote. You will never see me in PM, and I hope no other label, brand or celebrity continues to support those venues like PM.. FUCK THEM....!

To answer you question???
That Fat White Kid - He is great and real. Thought it would be funny. We change the e-vite every week, so maybe you'd like this weeks??

The look - This party may not be for you, obviusly. If you go to venues where drinks are cheap and your "wears" aren't fly. Than you should move to like Boston, cause none of my events are for you.. WE KEEP IT FLY.

W3 - Don't know what you are referring to. W??? That sounds like some cyberspace psycho babble you'd know about.. Wrong dude...

Shout-Outs - Shout outs are a part of my culture. Do you listen to Hip-Hop??? we shout out everyone and our moms too..... LOL... If you are mad cause you feel excluded from conversation/dialogue, then maybe you should leave your laptop and meet some people. Be sociable, and then you might be in the know and have a clue...

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE - Lets be real. You like cheap liquor and drinks at the bar, and don't like liquor company shout-outs???? Hmmmmmmm.. Need I say more KING INCONSISTENCY, or do you like SULTAN of CONTRADICTION??/ Your choice..

BIG SHOUTS TO ANIMAL MAGAZINE... Really no jokes.. I fuck with Bucky and that mag..... and, FUCK PM...!


DJ Clueless

Soul is the name of the DJ you putz, not the type of music being played. Not for nothing, I agree with you that this is the kind of shitty invite and accompanying gaseous hype spew that makes me never want to go out to a party ever again. That said, I've seen ten times worse, and I think that the kid on the bike is intended to lampoon the eastvillagetrustfundbuti'msohiphop look of people that attend events such as this. I'm not quite sure why posting this invite and release was worth the bandwith. Just another week in the land of bottle service clubs and goodlooking poseurs from out of town.

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